Adobe Voice for Classroom Videos

Look at what I created in just a few minutes: I have been searching for ways for students to make digital stories quickly and easily. I think my search has ended.  The answer is Adobe Voice for the iPad.

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Classroom Chat Room – A Great First Technology Project

Technology in the classroom ideas

If you are  just dipping your toes into the waters of technology, classroom chat rooms are an easy and powerful project to try first. Chat rooms are a great way to have a classroom discussions that enable and invite more students to participate than the traditional teacher-call-on-students model (or even less teacher-focused models like Socratic…

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Using iMovie in the Classroom


When the computers at school are older than the students, it’s hard to integrate technology into the classroom. Fortunately, many schools are experimenting with iPads and if you are lucky enough to get a few, I encourage you to start having your students use the iMovie app. iPads are self-contained media-making devices, and there is something…

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Digital Book Talks Using Free App on the iPad


Looking for a great project for students to demonstrate their thinking? Want a better way for students to present their learning? Interested in getting some listening and speaking skills into your students’ repertoire? Educreations might be the answer for you. Educreations is a free web and iPad based platform designed for teachers to record audio-visual…

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